Wings 2 Wings

Wings 2 Wings

Flying with Friends                                                     web site launched March 6, 2016.

Our website is dedicated to flying and flying together, to general aviation, to the pilot who want to fly for more than the $100 oops the $200 hamburger. Yep we have have a lot of places to go locally, however from time to time it is nice to have a longer term destination in mind. So this is what this website is dedicated to help promote.

Wings 2 Wings will promote any weekend trip, a breakfast fly in, and other events that provide a pilot friendly environment where aviators are welcome and encouraged to fly. Some examples include local breakfast, flying trips to the Bahamas, Disney World, Sun 'n Fun, Oshkosh, the light sport expo in Sebring and the meeting of builders, owners and service providers.

Our calendar is open to the public, out Blog requires you to logon as does our Events list.

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