Wings 2 Wings

Hi and welcome to our website.  So where did this come from and what is the purpose of our website?

As a relatively new pilot (4 years) it has been fun flying to events and meeting new people.  One reoccurring theme has been that pilots are looking for more than the $100 hamburger to fly to. It is nice to be able to take the day and fly to a destination with a passenger to view the sites and grab a meal at the local airport restaurant. But there has to be more.

A number of people I have met have expressed interest in knowing about other events and longer flights than one day. So I created this website to be available for information to flyers who want to fly with someone on a trip, across country, or just a local breakfast. The idea is to bring pilots together.

Our objective is to provide a means to communicate open flying events to people who want to fly together.  So if you are planning a trip to the east coast, south, a specific destination like Epcot or Disney, a frozen lake in Canada, a warm spot in Grand Bahamas, site seeing in the North West or South West, Out West, Key West or Marathon and would like to open it up to anyone wanting to fly, this is where we can post these events.

In discussions with a number of people from around Florida, and this includes the snow birds, there is a reoccurring theme, who can I go flying with and when can we go?

 So together we can make this happen.  We can also have regional websites if anyone wants to become a webmaster using our program to enter information and events and we can link them together as one big association of flyers.

No cost to join, no fees for creating the website.  Want to have some fun?